Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recycled Magazine Flowers

Here is the youtube link if you would rather watch the video:
Materials needed:

Hot Glue Gun w/ Glue sticks
Floral wire

Step 1:  Tear out about three of your favorite pages from your magazine

Step 2:  Take all of the pages and fold then as shown below. We are doing this to create a square.

Step 3: Cut off the exess paper.

Step 4:  Recycle or save the extra paper for other projects

Step 5:  Unfold the paper and make sure it is square. (it doesnt have to be perfect)

Step 6:  Start folding the paper like an accordian.

Should look something like this when finnished folding.

step 7: Cut a piece of wire about 3 inches long (set aside)

Step 8:  Cut both ends of the folded paper into a point. (Yes it will get messy)

Step 9:  Now attach the wire around the middle section of the paper with the ends of the wire pointing down.

Step 10: Now here is the fun part! start shaping your flower by pressing a molding the paper into the shap of a flower. Seperate the papers to give it a fuller appearance.

Step 11: Repeat to other side

Now for the stem. You can use a magazine page for this or you can just attach the flowers to a pipecleaner also. But I will demonstrate how to make a stem from a magazine page

Stem: Take a page from the magazine and start at one corner and start rolling it up, once you get to the other side dab a bit of glue on the end and continue rolling.

Finished stem:

Now all you have to do is apply a bit of hot glue to the wires on the flower and push it into the hole in the stem, if you would like you can use tape to do this as well.

Heres the finished project!

Make a bouqet and have fun while recycling!

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