Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowy Day in Kansas

Must it snow again?!? I love being inside watching the snow, drinking something warm like tea or hot chocolate. But days like this just make me LAZY! With that being said, I need to start working on more items to list on etsy. I'm thinking knitted arm warmers, wrist warmers, and crocheted cup cozies (Cause I just love 'em so much!).

I have been kind of abandoning my etsy shop, I haven't promoted in forever, and I haven't gotten any items listed in a while either. I have been completely addicted to Listia, and Swagbucks! Which are GREAT sites to get free stuff with points, so you should check them both out if you are interested. So far on Swagbucks I have gotten two Amazon giftcards. (takes me about two or three days to get enough credits) and on Listia it's just like Ebay, but instead of money you use points to buy your items from other members and you earn points when you sell your unwanted items. It's great!

Search & Win

Instantcashsweetpstakes.com is also a great site, you simply answer 3 question survey (they are actually really fun) You earn real cash, tickets and coins. The tickets are entered in to the daily $50.00 drawing and the coins can be entered into the $2.00 drawing that happens every 4hrs.
Here are a sample of the surveys. (if you like it go ahead and sign up)
Totally free, SUPER FUN, and they only have a $2.00 minimum payout! Unlike most where you need to have at least $30.00 to cash out!