Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Learning To Knit

Work in Progress

 Thats right, I am now learning to knit. I am so excited! I used to see patterns in the craft stores and online and think to myself "I totally wish I could make that" as I walked away or clicked the back button as I had never knitted before. Well finally I am trying to teach myself. As some of you know from my etsy store I crochet, which has always been easy for me as my grandmother taught me when I was very young. I cannot do the purl stitch yet, I am simply working on trying to get all of my stitches even. But I just wanted to share this with everyone as I never thought I could do it. I am working on making a headband, something simple. When I am finished I think I may add a few buttons as decoration. Who knows, maybe I can eventually start making knitted items for my shop.

Take care everyone, and happy crafting!


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